5 Tips Every Pregnant Woman Must Follow During COVID-19 Outbreak

COVID-19 is an unprecedented event happening globally with no end. Our beautiful city, Aylesbury is under lockdown and pregnant women are advised to stay inside their homes as a preventionary measure for Coronavirus. It assures the safety and well-being of both the expecting mother and her baby. You can although check your baby’s well-being at Baby Scan Clinic Aylesbury.

COVID-19 and home quarantine are difficult to handle. Here are 5 tips that will help all pregnant women during this COVID-19 outbreak. So, let’s have a quick look at them.

Sew your own mask

The masks that are available commercially cannot be reused for long. It is also not practical to buy dozens of surgical masks so I would suggest you to sew your own face mask for a permanent solution.

Buy essentials online

The less you go outside, the better it is for you right now. Prefer to shop for essentials online and consider contactless home delivery. Also, pay online instead of relying upon cash on delivery. 

Set an online appointment for ultrasound scan

I’ve observed many expecting parents don’t prebook their ultrasound appointments before visiting the ultrasound baby scan clinic for prenatal diagnosis. Well, don’t do this during this time and always make an advance appointment online.

Opt for online medical consultations

Visiting the hospital for minor issues during this pandemic crisis is risky for pregnant mothers. If you have minor queries that do not fall into urgency, then opt for online medical consultations. Only visit OB-GYN in case of a medical emergency.

Do productive things

Utilize your home quarantine by doing productive things, like reading, learning new hobbies, and making useful and creative things at home. Sign yourself up for online classes to improve your skills.

Hope you follow these 5 tips as shown above. Check your baby’s well-being through a fetal health check scan only at Ultrasound Baby Scanning Services Aylesbury.

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